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The research of Serão Genomics Lab is focused on quantitative genetics and genomics of complex traits, such as disease/stress response and fertility in livestock animals; QTL mapping; Genomic prediction/selection; Gene expression analysis; Statistical methods for genomic analyses; Big Data; Modeling of immune response, and infectious diseases; Principles of Experimentation.

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The program in Genetic Breeding of UNIJUÍ is based on white oat, linseed, and soybean crops. Create and expand the genetic variability available for the species of interest. Development of new cultivars combines with good sustainable management practices. The program also aims to obtain resilient strains and cultivars, responsive to favorable and sustainable environments, improving yield, nutritional and industrial quality for human consumption. This project expresses a social, agricultural, and economic nature, acting on the pillars of teaching, research, and extension. UNIJUÍ’s partnership with LICAE is carried out through Professors Drs. Ivan Ricardo Carvalho (YouTube Channel) and José Antonio Gonzalez da Silva.

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